Chocolate Therapy

Jonathan Cohen, PsyD
Sara Schwartz-Gluck, LCSW

Ben, an overweight 7th grader, struggled to keep up during gym class. He would stand on the side with his awkward classmate, and they bonded over trying to avoid physical activity. When Ben grew older, he was accepted to a few good colleges, but he kept dropping out of school. He hung out with his old friend from junior high, who was unsuccessfully attempting to get into medical school. The two of them took a look at themselves- college dropouts from a small town on Long Island- and decided that the one thing they excelled at was eating. Especially eating ice cream. Ben Cohen and his friend Jerry Greenfield sent $5 to Penn State University for a correspondence course on ice cream making. They pooled their savings and opened a small ice cream store, and named it Ben and Jerry’s. Continue reading “Chocolate Therapy”