I Want My Power Back

by Sara Schwartz Gluck

Hurricane Sandy caused an electrical outage across many neighborhoods. Here in the Five Towns, many of us dealt with a sustained outage spanning more than 2 weeks. It has been interesting to hear how people express their frustration, using verbalizations such as “I have no power”, or “I miss my power” vs. language specifically referring to electricity, “My home has no electricity”. We often don’t realize how the way we think and talk can affect how we experience our roles in a disaster. Aside from the loss of possessions, cars, homes, and time, many have experienced a loss of control. We have been left believing we are helpless as our lives have been turned upside down by circumstances we seem unable to influence. However, when we learn to recognize the power within ourselves, we may find the external powerlessness easier to tolerate.  Continue reading “I Want My Power Back”

Understanding the Emotional Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

by Sara Schwartz Gluck, LCSW

In the wake of the hurricane that left our neighborhoods devastated, we may look around at our homes, our neighbors’ homes, and feel like the world has irrevocably changed. A natural disaster of this magnitude may trigger a range of emotional reactions in people of all ages. While some of us may be annoyed because we can’t get a wifi connection, others may be losing hope that there will be any kind of normalcy in the future. Why do some people seem to coast along throughout the aftermath of the hurricane while others feel shattered and unable to start over? There is a range of normal reactions to stress, and many factors that influence our ability to cope.  Continue reading “Understanding the Emotional Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy”